Saturday, May 22, 2010

Holy cow...

it's gorgeous today. What a kick start to summer vacation!

Moriah and Jim were out this morning, helping at the baseball field.
The little girls and I were outside for several hours today, between working on the baseball field and playing at the playground. And they're back outside in our tiny little yard as I type this.
Susannah and Moriah were outside for several hours today as well, riding bikes down to the park and hanging out with several friends. And are outside with their little sisters now, too.

That leaves darling, semi-anti-social Samuel.... Well, he's been inside all day, either at home or at the movie he went to this afternoon with Jim (Iron Man 2...without me).

At least 6/7 of our family likes sunshine and fresh air.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I can almost breathe again.

Tomorrow is my last day of the school year and I have never been so ready for summer as I am this year.

This school year, I:
took on subbing for a part-time Spanish position.
waited for someone to come out of the woodwork and take over teaching.
waited some more.
decided to get my classroom certification and become the 'real' teacher.
signed up for classes.
took one class in the fall, three in the spring.
thoroughly enjoyed my winter break with my family.
was pretty stressed about going back to work.
waited for my certificate to get processed.
waited for my principal to help me figure out the whole hiring thing.
called about my cert and was told it was on its way.
took an awesome 40th birthday trip with my best friend.
made lots of calls (that my principal should have made).
cherished Spring Break time with my family.
went back to work somewhat reluctantly.
passed my world languages 'entrance' interview.
was eternally grateful for a supportive, loving husband.
waited on my principal some more.
figured it all out myself.
was really stressed.
traveled to Indiana to see my sister-in-law get married to a great guy.
missed having afternoons with my husband and youngest kids.
advocated for myself and was awarded some more pay as a long-term sub.
was told my work in one class was sub-par.
freaked out.
received notice that the long-term sub pay was terminated because I took personal leave.
was offended that my principal didn't tell me that herself but sent it in an email.
had a good cry.
received a call my mom fell and broke her femur and had had surgery two days before.
redid the work and resubmitted it.
felt even more stress.
received an A- in both my major classes.
hassled students to return books to the library.
said goodbye to some awesome 8th graders, who I will miss next year.
surely did more things that I could recount here.

Time to breathe.