Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gross analogy? Or right on?

So I guess I grossed my son out last night with an analogy I made.  We were finishing up our Wednesday night soup supper / worship time and Jim asked us to reflect on Lent and our sacrifices.  I piped up and said that I had had a small epiphany while out on a walk a few days before.  What could be gross about that? involves dog poop.

In the analogy, I likened Lent to the melting snow around this time of year.  That I try to see Lent as a time to strip away the outside stuff and to expose what needs cleaning or fixing.  Kinda like the layers of snow that are melting away right now.  After a winter filled with white stuff everywhere, spring comes along and warms things up and reveals all of the sand and gravel and mud and ... dog poop.  As I walked the other day, I had the thought that Lent should be like that for me.  Melt away the 'pretty' stuff (like fresh snow blanketing the world) and expose what's underneath.   Goodness knows I try to keep things under cover normally!

Samuel was grossed out that I included dog poop in my analogy, but really, it's kind of appropriate.  Sin is lurking beneath my surface. And it's dirty and mucky and stinky.  Not something I want to see (or smell) and certainly something I should avoid stepping in once I am aware of its presence.

I am, as ever, so incredibly grateful for my Savior's amazing grace and his unfathomable gift of Himself.  And on this Maundy Thursday night, I give thanks for this holy mystery in which He has given himself up for us.

Thank you, Lord.