Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm an expert

There are a few things I think I'm an expert at. Grammar should be one, given my English major background. But if that were true, my first sentence in this post would have been: There are a few things at which I think I am an expert. (Right?)


I think I can say I'm an expert at having twins. Growing and delivering and breastfeeding and raising two sets of twins sort of indicates at least a little expertise, right?

I think I can say I'm an expert at parenting. I've done it pretty well for 15 years, if I do say so myself, and have five kids that are mostly fun to have around (And maybe I'm an expert at being humble, too?)

I think I can say I'm an expert at reading. Or at least reading as a hobby. I've done a LOT of it. I understand what I read and I can read fairly quickly. I would say I'm an efficient and effective reader (giving a little nod to knowledge gained in my current Literacy Methods class).

I even think I can say I'm a relative expert at a few other things like faith and mosaics and cross-stitch and being a board member and friendship and maybe even marriage (as long as you don't expect me to know all the answers).

But one of the things I think I can claim undisputed expertise in is procrastination. I am overly excellent at putting things off until I absolutely have to do them. It's a gift. It's a curse. It's a horrible habit that I wish I could break. And am trying somewhat to break. Especially as I'm in school taking two fairly demanding classes and working full-time and trying to parent my children lovingly and well (I'm kind of an expert, ya know) and be a good wife to my darling spouse (again, ahem, expert alert) and keep my sanity.

I really want to get right to work on breaking that habit. But first I've got some reading to do.

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